As a results-driven agency, we strive to empower people, companies, institutions and government agencies to solve complex challenges and create positive change through strategic practices, design, technology and innovation.

This mindset led us to the launch of the newest division of Relish – Lab.

Our prototype lab was designed to test value, mitigate risk, lower costs and deliver exceptional digital experiences to the market, quicker.

There are many reasons why prototyping is important, but we’ve narrowed it down to six.

To Understand the Who, What & Why: Prototyping doesn’t just present a strong visualization of the design to help get an idea of the look and feel of the final product, it also helps your team better comprehend why they are designing, what they are designing and for whom they are designing.

Validation Before Development: Prototyping opens the door to discussions between iterations before getting into final development. This iterative process makes it easier for you to have a clearer picture of what you are building and what is actually needed.

Early Feedback: It is easier to collect feedback and make changes to your product at an earlier stage than when the product is near ready. The prototyping process saves effort, cost and helps steer the product in the right direction.

User Research and User Testing: The ultimate intent of creating a prototype is user testing which will tell you how usable and valuable your product is to the end-user. You can gain input and insight into how real users would actually use the product and what you can improve to address their pain points.

Building a Case for Support: Prototyping helps define goals with your team members, the management teams, external stakeholders, SMEs etc. and come to the best collective decision.

Cost Analysis: Build the best product, build it cheaper and faster. Prototyping and testing help you clearly define the scope of work required from your MVP, with no roadmaps for development, management and maintenance.

That answers the “why” but what about the “how”?

Think. Design. Validate. Develop. This is how we do it.

We are all about Design Thinking. Every prototype needs to have an intention as a starting point. From there, we will ask deeper questions such as, who is this product for? When will it be used? How often? These questions and others will help refine your idea, build a foundation and develop an actionable strategy.

Once we have your basic idea down, the next step is to help you visualize it. We start thinking of the main features the prototype should have and identify the user-flows. Through Design, we gain a better understanding of how users think, feel and behave when using the solution. We create interactive digital prototypes using wireframes and static views so we can identify the best possible experience.

After the design process is complete, it’s time to Validate. We build a prototype that can be tested, then refine the prototype based on the insights gained through testing. From there, we validate our assumptions to help with development and prioritization of product features and services.

We build beautiful digital solutions with a focus on robustness, scalability and security. We can help Develop your minimum viable product (MVP) through prototyping. We’re experienced in web, database, software and mobile app development as well as in building solutions for emerging technologies such as augmented reality and machine learning.

The best way to reach the final level with minimum rework lies with prototyping and user testing and we’re excited to launch Lab and close the gap between an idea and a product.