Manitoba B Corps Making a Difference

We started our B Corporation journey in 2015 with the belief that as a business, we could make a positive impact in our community. At that time, we hadn’t yet had the opportunity to connect with the three other B Corps in Winnipeg, but upon certification, we connected with a local design studio, Manoverboard. Much like Relish, they specialize in designing websites, branding and digital strategies for both businesses and nonprofits. 

We were excited to discover the many similarities between Relish and Manoverboard. Not only was there an alignment with the work that we do and the services we provide, but also in our mantra of giving back to the community. This similar way of thinking helped build a strong connection and a spirit of collaboration knowing we shared many of the same founding principles.

We are not the first B Corp in Manitoba to offer a service grant; Manoverboard created its first service grant after recognizing the challenges that many Manitoba organizations face when it comes to getting the word out about their cause. A lot of these organizations simply don’t have the funds to enlist the help of a marketing and communications partner. 

The studio had been offering pro bono work long before the service grant came to fruition but after much discussion with people inside and outside the B Corp community, they decided to set up the grant to make a bigger impact. In 2017, they issued a $15,000 service grant called The Purpose Project. This grant would be awarded to one selected nonprofit or social enterprise in Manitoba to support the organization in their quest of achieving the next stage of their marketing and communications initiatives. 

The Spence Neighbourhood Association was chosen as the community-based organization grant recipients, and Manoverboard is currently two-thirds of the way through with a full revamp of its digital strategy and website. 

“Manoverboard gives back to the community simply because we believe it is every business’ responsibility to give back,” says Boardman. “Government and nonprofits cannot do it alone. For us to build a society built on values, inclusion and reason, we need companies to step up to the plate and be part and parcel of the work at hand.”

We have massive respect for Manoverboard and are proud of the work that Andrew and his team have accomplished. We are looking forward to sharing insights on our respective funds and continuing to learn from one another. 

Because together really is better.