Getting Businesses in the Biz of Climate Change

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It wasn’t that long ago that the words “business” and “climate” were seen as contradictory terms. Today, business is often at the forefront of positive impacts on climate change and Relish is a proud sponsor of a new Winnipeg-based organization – BizforClimate  – that’s uniting businesses in this global cause.

BizforClimate was born in the mind of Derek Earl, Vice-President with World Trade Center Winnipeg, as the businesses he works with continually look for ways to incorporate climate strategies into their companies. Earl’s goal with BizforClimate is to combine those voices to become something bigger.

“Companies of all sizes are deliberating on what climate change means for them and what role their businesses can play in the fight against climate change,” says Earl, Founder of  BizforClimate. “Our hope is that by bringing all these companies together we can raise the volume on these calls to action and do more together than we could do on our own.”

BizforClimate is a business-led movement promoting action to address climate change. It starts with businesses signing the Climate Action Pledge and becoming part of a coalition that advocates for the clean, zero-carbon economy of the future. From there, participants pool their knowledge, experience and expertise to advance best climate practices among the business community.

It’s these kinds of innovative and action-focused community initiatives that we love to be part of at Relish, which is why we couldn’t wait to become a sponsor of the program.

“The people in this city never cease to amaze us,” said Suzanne Braun, Relish’s Founding Principal & Managing Director. “No matter how big the issue is, Winnipeggers are always finding new ways to help the people and the environment around them. That energy is incredibly valuable and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

Relish is sponsoring the  BizforClimate initiative through in-kind marketing and communications support and through the mentorship of their soon-to-be-hired communications intern. This will help the organization develop its own sustainable digital communications expertise, which is a crucial element to the  BizforClimate’s long term success.

“The value of the expertise Relish brings to the table for us can’t be overstated,” said Earl. “We know our ability to generate online content and momentum will be a huge factor in our success so having the Relish team on board is a big win for us.”

For businesses looking to get involved in the BizforClimate movement, you can get things started by signing up online at